The Gift

The Gift

This isn’t a carefully written post.  It’s more of a “directly from my heart to the screen” post.

I haven’t blogged for weeks now, because I’ve been driving.  I set out from Florida on November first and I’ll reach California tomorrow.

When I first thought about this home assignment and the supporters that I wanted to visit I had a strong sense that I was to drive rather than fly this time around.  But to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure that it was what I wanted to do.  I spent a lot of time wrestling over the decision.  It’s a lot of miles to cover…alone.  Flying would be more…convenient.

Yet, the more I prayed about it, the more certain I became that God was telling me two things.

First, I was to trust Him in this.

Second, that this trip was His gift to me.

Nearly two weeks, three thousand miles and more than fifty road hours later I understand just a bit of the gift that He has given me.

I’ve had hours and days of just me and Jesus time.  Oh, I’m not always focused on His presence, but I’ve had the opportunity to be with Him in a special way.  I’ve had hours in which to pray and converse with my Lord.  Further, I’ve never been alone or lonely for He’s been my constant companion.

I’ve gotten to see people that I wouldn’t have seen if I’d had to buy a plane ticket to get to them.  And I’ve met people along the way that I never would have met if I’d hopped on a plane.  Just a couple of days ago I went for a meal in a place that was fairly full.  A couple asked if they could join me at my table and we got to talking.  What a joy it was to share with them about God’s work around the world!  It was also an answer to my prayer that I have the opportunity to represent the Lord to the people I meet.  Only God can arrange that kind of divine appointment, but I had to be willing to trust Him and follow His lead when driving seemed an unconventional choice.

But most of all, this gift to me has been about seeing His beauty scattered abroad.  The earth is filled with the glory of the Lord and I’ve gotten to feast on it for weeks now.  Every changing landscape is unique in its beauty and each Jesus follower that I have met along the journey bears His radiant image in their own distinctly fashioned way.

Today the lyric by Rich Mullins kept running through my mind…”So much beauty for just two eyes to see, but everywhere I go, I’m looking.”

So as I embark on my final leg toward California, where I will stay awhile before the long drive back to Florida in January, I want to lift up His name with thanksgiving.

I’m grateful that He called me to this journey and gave me this gift.

He is so good to me.

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