Where do the days go?

Time keeps marching forward as I try to find a rhythm to live in its cadence.

Life has been full.

Full of questions.

Full of prayers.

Full of decisions.

Full of moments, each one requiring a choice.

This afternoon I’ve given my moments to my computer.  E-mails and expense reports: that which is necessary.  Correspondence, conversations that I long to engage in: that which is valuable.   But all the while I hear the clutter calling my name.  The moving in is not yet complete.  Things linger in the hallways, the guest room stuffed full and every surface a holding place for that which does not yet have a home.  To choose the computer means to walk away from the clutter.  And then there is another voice calling.  I’ve caught something: my body exhausted and my emotions drained made room for germs and pollen to take hold.  That down comforter spread across the bed, topped with the blue afghan my mother knit, looks so inviting.

Choices.  So many choices.

What is this moment for?

So I ask.

And I listen.

Only my Father knows.

Time swirls forward and I am caught up in its dance.

May I ever, always follow my Savior’s lead.

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