Day #19: Uncooperative Ducks

Day #19: Uncooperative Ducks

The way I remember this story:

Bad ducks.  They cost me a cupcake.

The way the story actually goes…

My brother and I were sitting on the back porch at our mini picnic table eating our lunch.  My mom told me to eat my whole sandwich, including the crust, if I wanted to eat the special cupcake we had gotten at the bakery.  Then she stepped inside for something.  When she looked out the window she saw that I had walked out to the middle of the yard under the tree and I was tossing my crusts into the air calling to the ducks the way we did when we fed them in the park.  Clearly I expected the ducks to swoop in and gobble up the evidence.  It was win-win.  I headed back to my seat to wait for my cupcake.  Then my mom came back out and suggested we take a walk around the back yard.   I did not think this was a very good idea.  The ducks hadn’t showed up yet.  Apparently it takes awhile for them to travel from the park to my backyard.  I was quite put out to discover that my crusts were still there on the ground right in plain sight.  Bad, bad ducks.  I did not get that cupcake.

Dear ducks, I want you to know that all is forgiven.