Day #23: Zoop, Zoop, Zoop

Day #23: Zoop, Zoop, Zoop

Yesterday I mentioned how I grew up watching the Muppet show. I also loved watching the reruns of Walt Disney’s Zorro (1957-1959).

My dad and I used to play this game where we would be Zorro.  At pretty much any time we would sneak up on each other and zoop, zoop, zoop – we’d make the sign of the “Z” on the other person with our finger.  (Sometimes tickling would follow).  It was kind of like being it – who made the sign of the “Z” last?  If I was feeling down it often helped trade tears for laughter when I was suddenly “zooped.”

My funniest Zorro memory was when I turned on the TV in Frankfurt, Germany and there was Sergeant Garcia running through a Spanish hacienda screaming in German.  Maybe it was jet lag, but I just couldn’t stop giggling.


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  1. You reminded me of the time we went up to our hotel room, in Inverness, Scotland, and Braveheart was on the Telly.

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