Day #24: O’ Opossum

Day #24: O’ Opossum

Well, I would generally tell you that opossums are no laughing matter.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that they are always looking around with cunning and evil intent.  OK – that’s not entirely true, but obviously I hold a grudge.

I remember the first time I saw my cat Nora pouncing on top of the air conditioning vent floor grate.  It was funny to watch, until I looked down to see what she was playing with and jumped.  There were two beady eyes staring back at me.  The opossums had moved into the central air and heat ducts.  For as long as I owned that home they were the bane of my existence, moving into walls and chewing through the wire wrapped and reinforced duct work on a regular basis.  I even caught this one hissing at me from the tree in my front yard.

But there was that time when we all laughed at the opossum.  You see, my mom came in the house to tell us how she had seen a giant rat.  It sounded a bit like a “big fish” story.  I’m afraid we gave her a really hard time.  I mean, no rat could ever live up to that description.  (And I saw The Secret of NIMH).  The next day she saw the “rat” again, but this time she was wearing her glasses and realized it was an opossum.

Dear opossums, I’m sorry for holding a grudge, but it really is rude to move into someone’s house without asking for their permission.  Also, hissing at people is not generally accepted as a friendly overture.    Maybe next time try this face instead.

2 thoughts on “Day #24: O’ Opossum

  1. Hello, I am a middle school student in Idaho, and I would like to ask permission to download the picture of an opossum that you have. I would like to include it in a school assignment. Thank you, ZBrowning.

  2. Hello Zoey. I’ve been traveling and just saw your comment. Yes, you have my permission, thanks for asking! Rachelle

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