Book Review: The Fatal Tree

Book Review: The Fatal Tree

About the Series:

If you haven’t read any of The Bright Empires series start by watching this trailer and then head over to Book 1: The Skin Map.  If, like me, you were awaiting the final installment, Book 5: The Fatal Tree then keep reading.

cover53424-mediumAbout the Book:

Kit stared at his fellow questors. “Is this it . . . the End of Everything?”

It started with small, seemingly insignificant wrinkles in time: A busy bridge suddenly disappears, spilling cars into the sea. A beast from another realm roams modern streets. Napoleon’s army appears in 1930s Damascus ready for battle. But that’s only the beginning as entire realities collide and collapse.

The questors are spread throughout the universe. Mina is stuck on a plain of solid ice, her only companion an angry cave lion. Tony and Gianni are monitoring the cataclysmic reversal of the cosmic expansion—but coming up short on answers. And Burleigh is languishing in a dreary underground dungeon—his only hope of survival the very man he tried to murder.

Kit and Cass are back in the Stone Age trying to reach the Spirit Well. But an enormous yew tree has grown over the portal, effectively cutting off any chance of return. Unless someone can find a solution—and fast—all Creation will be destroyed in the universal apocalypse known as The End of Everything.

In this final volume of the fantastic Bright Empires series, Stephen R. Lawhead brings this multi-stranded tale to a stunning and immensely satisfying conclusion.

“In the sweeping style of George R. R. Martin and J. R. Tolkien, Lawhead has created a diverse universe and rich cast of characters. Multiple story lines weave to form a satisfying ending to this mythological speculative series.” —Library Journal

My Thoughts:

It’s incredibly difficult to wrap up a series like The Bright Empires.  The possibilities for continuation are infinite and bringing an end to a multi-dimensional reality is complicated to say the least.  I will admit that I was left with some questions, and I think it would be a bit of a shame if I didn’t continue to wonder about the lives of the characters, but all in all I can’t imagine a better conclusion to this series.

I received a free digital galley of this book in exchange for my honest opinion…but I also went out and bought the hardcover for my library.  It’s an excellent book and well worth buying.