Book Review: Beneath the Forsaken City

Book Review: Beneath the Forsaken City

51qdC8q6R3LAbout the Book:

Conor and Aine have barely escaped Seare with their lives. Conor knows he must return to find the harp that could end the Red Druid’s reign of terror, but in the midst of their escape, he and Aine are torn apart once more. Surrounded by despair and thrown into as much danger as they left behind, Conor and Aine must cling to the whispers of Comdiu’s plans for them and the homeland that depends on their survival. But at what cost? Will they learn to depend on Comdiu completely? Or will they give up hope?

My Thoughts:

This is the second book in The Song of Seare series.  If you haven’t read book one, take a look at my review of Oath of the Brotherhood, here.

Further developing the integration of Celtic lore with a fantasy world, Beneath the Forsaken City continued to impress.  The challenges, unexpected and diverse, alongside the growth of the characters highlighted a depth of writing that I applaud.  The creativity, the action, and the emotion all worked together to weave another splendid tale that kept me turning pages long into the night.  My only complaint is that now I’m longing to read on and must await the next installment in this incredible series.

I would like to thank Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  (I also pre-ordered a hard copy of this novel…it’s one well worth having on my bookshelf.)