Book Review: A Sapphire Season

Book Review: A Sapphire Season

About the Book:

Lynn Morris, bestselling author of The Baron’s Honourable Daughter, once again sweeps readers into the Regency era with striking period detail.

Lady Mirabella Tirel, the beautiful daughter of the Marquess of Camarden, takes a practical approach to love since a dashing captain broke her heart at age 17. Now at almost 22 years old, she has decided to endure one last London season to secure a suitable engagement and begin a simple life in the country.

Sir Giles Knyvet is Mirabella’s oldest friend and her most dependable ally, and he is also secretly in love with her. Yet he knows the prospect of a relationship is doubtful: Besides being a mere baronet, he aims to settle a large family debt before sharing his feelings with her. But as Mirabella draws close to a suitable match, Giles may need to interfere to buy himself more time.

My Thoughts:

If you are a fan of regency novels, then The Sapphire Season is for you.  Full of a depth of detail and many fun facts about life in the regency era, this novel follows a young woman’s journey as she wades through many false ideas to come face to face with the heart of real love.  In typical regency style the novel is a slower read, meandering through minuscule observations about almost everything, which gives the reader a genuine feel for the era and allows for a great deal of character development.  While the ending was entirely predictable, the journey of discovery along the way told a beautiful tale of coming to discover what you didn’t realize that you already knew.

Thank you FaithWords for sending me a free review copy of this novel in exchange for my honest opinion.