Book Review: The Wounded Shadow

Book Review: The Wounded Shadow

About the Book:

The kings and queens of the northern continent lay siege to the Darkwater Forest, desperate to contain its evil. But rumors of gold and aurium have lured deserters and the desperate into its shadow, creating a growing army held in its sway. Desperate after the death and dissolution of their greatest ally, Willet and the Vigil seek the truth of what lies at the heart of the evil they face. They delve the mind of an old enemy and find an answer far worse than they could have imagined.

Danger stalks the cities of the north, striking at the rulers of the kingdoms. As Willet and the rest of the Vigil seek to find answers, the group is scattered with an ever-growing darkness around them. Will they discover a path to keep their land safe, or will an ancient evil reclaim the world it once called its own?

My Thoughts:

This is not a stand alone novel.  Following the prequel (By Divine Right) and books one and two in the series (The Shock of Night and The Shattered Vigil), this is a continuation of a complex and slightly dark tale.

The Darkwater saga draws you into a brilliant series full of creativity, with a broad expanse of world building and in depth character development.  Truthfully, I was sorry to see the series end making the final pages of the book move a little too quickly for me.  As beautifully written and intricately complex as this series is I’m sure that I will revisit it again.

The Wounded Shadow has all the twists and turns and depth that I have come to expect from Patrick Carr.  The Darkwater Saga is now listed among my favorite fantasy series.


I received a pre-release digital galley of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

And honestly, I loved it.