Jesus Calling Coloring Book Review

Jesus Calling Coloring Book Review

About the Coloring Book:

Enjoy peace in the presence of the Savior as you relax and reflect on the words of Jesus Calling® through this gorgeous new Jesus Calling® Creative Coloring & Hand Lettering. Favorite Jesus Calling quotes and scriptures are selected to hand letter—with a tutorial in the front of the book and faint guidelines on each lettering page—alongside 100 beautifully detailed coloring pages.

Book includes quotes from Jesus Calling, 100 pages of intricate coloring designs, a tutorial and templates to learn basic hand lettering, and perforated pages.

In addition to the beautiful, intricate adult coloring book art, enjoy learning the art of hand lettering with a simple guided tutorial and templates for hand lettering throughout the book.

In the same way that the bestselling devotional offers a moment of peace during your busy day, so this new coloring book will remind you of His still, quiet voice in the midst of a bustling world.

My Thoughts:

If you like adult coloring books this one is lovely. The pages are thick and the paper texture is smooth. The pages are also perforated if you want to tear a page out and post it somewhere. The designs are intricate which means you aren’t going to finish one in one session. The beauty of that is that each page also has something encouraging, either a verse or Biblical idea, for you to meditate on as you are coloring. On every other page the words are very pale shadows so that you can trace over them and practice learning to do hand lettering. (This is really nice as several of my friends have purchased books just on hand lettering and here you get a two for one book).

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