Book Review: Invitation to Retreat

Book Review: Invitation to Retreat

About the Book:

“Come away and rest awhile.” Jesus invites us to be with him, offering our full and undivided attention to him. When we choose retreat, we make a generous investment in our friendship with Christ. We are not always generous with ourselves where God is concerned. Many of us have tried to incorporate regular times of solitude and silence into the rhythm of our ordinary lives, which may mean that we give God twenty minutes here and half an hour there. And there’s no question we are better for it! But we need more. Indeed, we long for more. In these pages Transforming Center founder and seasoned spiritual director Ruth Haley Barton gently leads us into retreat as a key practice that opens us to God. Based on her own practice and her experience leading hundreds of retreats for others, she will guide you in a very personal exploration of seven specific invitations contained within the general invitation to retreat. You will discover how to say yes to God’s winsome invitation to greater freedom and surrender. There has never been a time when the invitation to retreat is so radical and so relevant, so needed and so welcome. It is not a luxury, but a necessity of the spiritual life.

My Thoughts:

As someone who regularly leads others into spiritual retreats I have been eagerly awaiting my copy of Ruth Haley Barton’s Invitation to Retreat and it did not in any way disappoint. Barton gives not only a solid background for why we should practice spiritual retreat, but she gives one of the most practical and detailed explorations of the different invitations that can be part of a retreat.  Alongside these invitations she offers “priming” questions for those who may be considering retreat and “practicing” questions for you to take on your retreat.  In fact,  I think one of the strengths of this book is that it is easily engaged with for both those considering retreat and for those practicing retreat.

Even having read many books on retreat I found this book to be impactful in my own spiritual walk and I believe it will be a valuable resource for anyone as they seek to grow in their life with God.  I’ve already ordered a hard copy for my library and I would recommend it to you.

I received a free digital copy of this book for review in exchange for my honest opinion.