Unhurried Lent: Days 25 & 26

Unhurried Lent: Days 25 & 26

Somewhere Distant – Somewhere Close

When I started thinking about somewhere distant I could hear the lyrics of Rich Mullins in my head…”the other side of the world is not so far away.”

Maybe it comes with age, technology and travel, but no place seems particularly distant anymore. The one thing that feels distant to me is the new heaven and new earth. I long for that kingdom with every fiber of my being, but sometimes it feels so very far away.

And then again, it also feels close. I see God at work, redeeming, restoring, making new, and suddenly I remember that the kingdom is coming every day. It is close. It is right around every corner. It is as certain as spring after a long winter season.

So I decided to make yesterday’s post and today’s post a combination.

Perspective: A long way off or just around the bend

If you haven’t been following along the blog thus far, the main idea in these posts is that I’m taking time each day during Lent to slow myself down by reflecting on and creatively responding to a theme.