Unhurried Lent: Day 27

Unhurried Lent: Day 27

A Word

So I’ve been fighting a migraine all day, which gives a person plenty of time to think while trying to take your mind off the blinding pain…at least until the prescriptions knock you out. So I didn’t do any creating, but this is the word that I’ve been dialoguing with Jesus about today.


This image came from a calendar. I don’t own the rights to it or know who to credit.

In fact this may be the word that I have spent the most time dialoguing with Jesus about over the course of my life. I like the image above, but it is the flowery version. I think I experience trust as something much grittier, like an “all in” cliff diving type of image. I have a board of Pinterest that gives me some visual reminders.

Trust is like Cliff Diving
It’s an “all in” kind of thing

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