Unhurried Lent: Day 39

Unhurried Lent: Day 39


For us, Saturday of Holy Week is all about the waiting. We know the end of the story. We wait for the resurrection. But sometimes I wonder if Friday was the day of waiting for the disciples. Were they waiting anxiously for a miracle, that last minute breakthrough that would change everything?

When Jesus breathed his last it must have seemed, not a season of waiting, but the end of the wait, the end of the hope, the end of everything.

Christ on the Cross, Eric Gill

But I love the symbolism of this song.

God rested.

“He said that it was finished
And the seventh day, He blessed it
God rested”

Holy Waiting begins in the rest of God

“The sun went down
The sabbath faded
The holy day was done and all creation waited”

God Rested – Andrew Peterson – Prolouge