Book Review: Under Scottish Stars

Book Review: Under Scottish Stars

About the Book:

Recently widowed Serena MacDonald Stewart focuses on her children to the exclusion of her career, her art, and her sanity. When her brothers ask her to oversee the family guest house on the Isle of Skye, it’s a chance to dust off her long-ignored business skills and make a new start. But her hopes for a smooth transition are dashed when the hotel manager, Malcolm Blake, turns out to be irritating, condescending . . . and incredibly attractive.

My Thoughts:

If you follow my blog you’ll know that this book is outside of my preferred genres. I rarely read books set in modern day and I almost never read a book with a story line that is almost entirely focused on a romance. Under Scottish Stars made it onto my radar because I read and enjoyed Five Days in Skye (the first book in the series). While I was a bit put off by the tension in London Tides (the second book in the series), I have a weakness for any story set in Scotland, so I decided to give book three a chance.

Under Scottish Stars was light and easy reading. A Scottish island, family commitments and a serious attraction set the stage for two people, who have both seen a number of challenges in life, having to decide whether they can love each other or if life has thrown too much at them for them to be able to follow their dreams.

As I love Skye and could really picture the locations in my mind, I found this novel a pleasant companion on a rainy afternoon. It won’t make it onto my top ten list, but I enjoyed reading it all the same.

NOTE: All three books in the series can stand alone. Characters from the first two novels show up in this book, but not in a way that you need to know their back story.

I received a free digital galley of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.