Book Review: Room of Marvels

Book Review: Room of Marvels

About the Book:

Three deaths in three years. His mother. His best friend. And now, his two-year-old daughter. In this moving story a Christian author goes to a retreat center to grieve and face the hard questions about God that he is asking in the wake of these losses. If you have ever felt alone, betrayed, abandoned–if you have found yourself asking God why–this novel may be a source of hope. And if you have ever wondered what heaven is like, this book provides a beautiful vision. Room of Marvels is a masterful, dream-like tale that speaks to the eternal in the midst of our most painful earthly losses. This expanded edition of the beloved book has a new afterword from James Bryan Smith and a discussion guide for group use. Finding your room of marvels will give you reason to live. Again.

My Thoughts

While all of life and all of literature has something to teach us, a moral tale is a straightforward teaching device designed to combine entertainment with information and instruction.

I would put Room of Marvels clearly into this category alongside other works of literature like Pilgrim’s Progress, A Christmas Carol and Dante’s Inferno. To be honest, it is not a genre of literature that I particularly enjoy. I prefer a subtler story that, as C.S. Lewis puts it, sneaks past the watchful dragons.

A Room of Marvels does have value within its genre and it is born out of the author’s own journey with God. If you appreciate a straightforward teaching tale, Room of Marvels could be a book that would challenge you to think deeper about the love of God and His good eternal plans for His children in the light of grief and loss.

I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.