Book Review: Rosefire

Book Review: Rosefire

About the Book:

Perhaps it is a coincidence that Anya arrived on Karan’s doorstep—without a past and with great skill in magic—the same night that Crown Prince Loran died, but Karan is not certain she believes in coincidence anymore.

Author Carolyn Clare Givens’ young adult fantasy novel, Rosefire, is a story of friendship, redemption, and sacrifice. As Karan and Anya, along with Karan’s brother Richard and friend Edmund, begin to seek the promised Rose of the Ancient Writings, they learn that the destinies of kingdoms are forged, not always in the heat of battle, but in the hearts and minds of their leaders.

Rosefire first came to life as an image based on a couplet from T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets: “Ash on an old man’s sleeve/ Is all the ash the burnt roses leave.” Reading those lines one day, author Carolyn Clare Givens saw in her imagination the image of a monk shaking dust off of his habit after roses had been completely consumed. 

For years, Carrie heard from editors and publishers that it was really good, but…”I just don’t know how I’d sell it.” It’s a book that doesn’t cleanly fit into the right marketing categories, a hidden treasure found off the beaten path.

That’s just the kind of story Bandersnatch Books was founded to publish. We’re so excited to be releasing our first title, Rosefire, and want to thank you for being part of bringing it to life. It’s been a long time since Carrie first saw that image of the monk’s sleeve, but re-reading this past year, we were struck by how apt Rosefire is for our current cultural moment. This is a story we need to hear.


This book is a new type of review for me, a book that isn’t being published traditionally. You “purchase” it by signing up for the Kickstarter and you receive the book in the rewards package (as an epub or printed version – you choose your reward package).

Check out the campaign at the link below. You must sign up before March 3rd.

My Thoughts:

Rosefire is a beautiful story. It contains mystery, magical gifts, sacrifice, a longing for justice and a journey to learn to walk a path of loving righteousness in its pursuit.

The characters begin to discover that they are known and they are loved, that there is redemption for failure and a hope for the future. It’s the kind of story that encourages the heart.