Book Review: Born to Battle

Book Review: Born to Battle

About the Book:

In a time between times, a boy becomes a man, a warrior becomes a saint.

In 470, as the once-mighty Roman Empire crumbles, Illtyd is born the son of a British prince. Together with his cousins, Myrddin and Arthwyr, Illtyd is trained to lead by a priest, a druid, and a warrior. Faced with perilous circumstances he must choose his way in the world. Will he give in to the lust for revenge? Will he follow the ancient ways, trusting dark powers for deliverance?

Illtyd makes his choices and finds himself in the heart of many battles for himself, for his people, and for the woman he loves. As tragedy befalls him, will he vanquish his greatest foe and emerge as one of the founding saints of Wales?

“I can hardly believe this is a first novel. It’s better than the last several bestselling novels I’ve read. A coming of age story that is as much about battle as the human experience. This is a story that will captivate the heart, soul, and mind of any reader.” -William Michael Davidson, author of The Remnant.

“A wonderfully rich and immersive story that brings historical characters and settings to life in vivid detail. Born to Battle is a captivating journey through fields of battle, bonds of friendship, and the internal struggles of a brave warrior wrestling with faith in a time of war.” ~Paul Regnier, author of the Paranormia series

“Stirring and original, the life story of this little known priest-turned-warrior will beckon you to follow him on an ancient journey winding through suffering and courage to find the lessons he learns can still speak to us today.” ~Sara Lubbers, author of Always Love

“When the author told me that he planned to write a novel about Illtud I confess I had my doubts. Given how little we really know about the subject he has succeeded in creating a plausible and very readable narrative, skilfully combining Illtyd’s supposed military background with his undoubted subsequent spirituality and espousal of the Christian faith for which he is venerated. For me he succeeds in giving us a feel for the turbulent times in which Illtud lived and in which the legend that is Illtud began.” ~Graham Phillimore, Chairman Llantwit Major Local History Society

My Thoughts:

The first time I read historical fiction about a saint it was about St. Columba of Iona, Scotland, followed by tales of St. Patrick of Ireland. That was the beginning of a deep interest in Celtic Christianity and of the movement of the gospel in the British Isles. When I moved to Wales I discovered a whole new dimension of history that I knew nothing about, a collection of men and women who loved Jesus and carried the gospel in this corner of the world. St Illtud was one of these men.

I’m thrilled to see St. Illtud’s story make its way into the hands of people who haven’t encountered this fascinating tale. Born to Battle is an intriguing, historical novel of one man’s journey with God as well as the Christian and Celtic history associated with this corner of Wales. I highly recommend it.