Love Letters

Love Letters

Wow!  It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged anything apart from book reviews.  But here I am with thoughts in my head and fingers on the keys.  But I have to issue a warning.  This post contains spoilers for the movie Free Guy, so if you haven’t seen it, go watch it then come back.

Now that you have been duly warned…

I can’t stop thinking of the scene where Guy takes over for Millie as she awkwardly tries to disentangle herself from a relationship with an AI character.

I’m a love letter he says.  I may love you because of my programming, but I had a programmer. 

I’m a love letter.

Here is a character inhabiting her virtual world who is tuned into the little details of Millie: bubble gum ice cream, swings, coffee just the way she likes it, her favorite song.  He knows her.  He desires her.  He pursues her in a way that is in keeping with his character as a good guy. 

He’s her love letter.

I was feeling grumpy yesterday, a bit melancholic and at loose ends.  As I was walking and laying all my emotions out before the Lord I kept waiting for that sense of His presence that I so cherish.  But it wasn’t there.  In all honesty, I just felt alone.

But I saw under my feet a host of autumnal leaves in a rainbow of shades from gold to flame.  And I could hear the wind stirring the pine needles.  And the light filtered through the forest canopy in these brilliant illuminating rays.  And the sun made golden edges of the clouds that it used to hide.  And the squirrels chattered at each other as they danced up and down the tree trunk.  And the crispness in the air swirled around while the startled pheasant flew directly over my head.  And I thought: love letters.

There are days when I might not feel the presence of God directly, but there are love letters written all through my world that speak of His passion for me.  They are everywhere I look.

And then there is the Word.  Larry Crabb titled his beautiful book about the Bible 66 Love Letters.  The words on the page, the words hidden in my heart, they also speak.  They speak of a God who knows me.  A God who desires me.  A God who pursues me in keeping with His own character as hero of the story.  They speak of one who laid down His life for me and rose victorious over death.  They speak of great and precious promises that are too great for me to comprehend.  The Word hems me in with love and grace and mercy and conviction and comfort and joy.  Love letters.

Some days I feel God, so very present, so very personal.  And some days He seems far away, but I know that for now He is just out of sight.  And in the meantime, he has written me love letters.