Fall colors, pumpkins and memories…

Fall colors, pumpkins and memories…


Fall takes the place of priviledge as my favorite season. I enjoy the crisp cool air. I find the chill in the mornings and evenings refreshing. I love the smell of leaves burning and fall baking. And I enjoy the colors. Here in Hungary the leaves have begun their seasonal show changing from green to a variety of browns and golds. They lack the brillant red, but a beautiful crimson vine grows here that adds red to the season.

Apart from the weather and the scenic display, Fall remains my favorite season because of my memories. One of my favorite childhood memories is walking from my home to my grandparents home. In my memories the sky is blue from the winds that pushed away the morning fog. The streets of our small town were lined with beautiful trees that put on all the colors of the season. There was often the lingering scent of leaves being burned mixed with the memory of pumpkin pie waiting at the end of the journey.

When I attended High School a frequently played country song crooned a refain that said “the song remembers when.” It talked about memories forgotten or set aside until a song that was linked to that memory started to play and then you remembered as if you were there in that time or place.

I was listening to a random selection of songs this week and a song started playing that took me back to the year I bought my house in Florida. In my mind I was suddenly back in my front yard, raking up oak leaves on an unusually cool Saturday in October. I remembered all of the dreams that I had for my life. I finally had my own home. I had a job that I loved and I could remember my complete contentment in that moment. (Believe it or not I actually even like raking leaves).

All of a sudden I found myself very homesick and wondering what in the world I was doing half-way around the world from a life and people that I love. So, I decided I needed a distraction. I made pumpkin cookies, from scratch. (No canned pumpkin here, they actually turned out really well). It was nice to do some Fall baking and it gave me time to think.

Sometimes I find myself mourning the life that I left behind. And it’s ok. There are sacrifices to this life. But God was also so gracious to remind me of His character, His love and the reason I have chosen the path that I am following. I’m going to miss Fall in my own home, with my oak tree leaves and my family close by. But Christ is in every way worth the sacrifice. So I’ll cherish the memories, enjoy the pumpkin cookies and press on to toward the goal for which Christ has called me.