The Skin Map – CSFF Blog Tour

The Skin Map – CSFF Blog Tour

I signed up to review Stephen Lawhead’s The Skin Map as part of a Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog tour.  Then the tour was moved at the last minute (as the book had not yet arrived) and I was traveling in Poland without internet access during the new tour dates.  Now, I’m back and the book has still not arrived.

Enter Kindle.  (I love being able to get a book at a moment’s notice).  I bought the book.

I have LONG been a fan of Lawhead, but I have to say that The Skin Map is not his best work.  Did I enjoy it, yes – well enough, when I stopped trying to compare it to his other works.  The writing style actually reminded me more of his Dragon King series, which was marketed to teens.  Also, the faint hints of a Christian theme were so buried as to be almost non-existent and were much more deistic in nature than Christian. Hopefully a truly Christian theme will be expounded upon in the sequel.

Would I recommend it?  Yes.  It was an interesting tale if you can separate it from your expectation of the high bar of excellence set by other Lawhead novels. Will I read the sequel? I’m sure I will as I felt like the story left off with a big “…to be continued”.

I LOVED the trailer and it will give you a peek into the story itself.

You can read more about it here on Amazon.