Journey 7-11-05

Journey 7-11-05

They [the words of the Law] are not just idle words for you – they are your life. Duet. 32:47

Moses spoke these words to the people of Israel just before God led them into the promised land.

I have been thinking this week about life and death, not the physical but the eternal, where real life and death are found. How often do I mistake the “normal” appearance of a person as reality, when in the spiritual realm they may be walking in death?

And how often do I really cling to the Word as my life?

There are people who have to take medication (insulin for example) on a regular basis just to live. They would no sooner “forget” to take their medication than to forget their right arm. It is a matter of life an death to them. Yet, how often do I neglect my relationship with Christ, which is my life? I don’t necessarily mean simply not reading the word, or not praying, but treating reading and praying as idle words rather than the life flow that they are.

My current situation, God leading me out and my waiting to see His provision, has stretched my faith in new ways. My desire is to serve Christ, taking His life to Hungary, and there are days that II am anxious to be on my way. Yet, this time of waiting is as much a part of my journey as any other. God has challenged me this week with a reminder that I need to, as C.S. Lewis put it, go “Further Up and Farther In.” There is more to know of Christ. There is more to rejoice in. There is more of myself to die to and more of Christ to live for. God is preparing me, molding me into His image and the waiting is a part of that molding. There is much more to this journey than I see with my eyes.