Aware of Love

Aware of Love

I’m a faithful fan of “So You Think You Can Dance”.   No, I can’t dance, but I do love watching the pure passion and abandon that the dancers infuse into their art.  But this post isn’t about the show.  It’s about love.

Did you watch the episode a couple of weeks ago where Jess and Kathryn danced to the song “The Lonely?”  OK – you don’t have to admit if you watched it.  I’ll embed the video for you.

The premise of the choreography is that love is right in front of her, but she just doesn’t see it.

Did you notice it?  The deliberate disconnect: no eye contact between them until the very end.  He pursued, seeking to draw her eyes, but she looked away each time.

So often this is my dance with my Savior.  He holds me.  He carries me.  He pursues me, passionately holding on, but I never lift my eyes.

I don’t believe that this blindness is mine alone.  The curse of fallen humanity bleeds with blindness.  We live and move and breathe and dance through life unaware of the great, great love of God.  The personal, pursuing love that gave everything.

I believe that truly opening our eyes to the love of God would change everything.

If I was aware of every touch, every look, every step…if I was aware of the lover of my soul moment by moment wouldn’t the dance of my life change?

Can you imagine?

Can you stretch wide your eyes and see Him right now as He reaches for you with longing?

Lift your eyes.

May they grow round with the wonder of His love.

May your dance be face to face, deeply gazing into the eyes of perfect love.

Think deeply on this truth:

“you are precious in my eyes,
and honored, and I love you”

Excerpt from Isaiah 43:4

May you walk this week practicing awareness and attentiveness to the pursuing, passionate and ever present love of God.