Waiting and Silence

Waiting and Silence

I’ve been slowly reading through Hungry for God by Margaret Feinberg and though the content is nothing new the deeper I wade into the material the more I am finding that the Spirit is using the book to speak to me.

Perhaps these quotes will speak to you too.

One of the mysteries and marvels of the divine is that we never know when God will speak or how the words will transform our lives forever.

…silence has its own beautiful rhythm….

God invites us to wait on him and with him.  In the process, we discover more of his character and presence in our lives.

In everyday life, the more we wait to eat, the hungrier we become.  Waiting increases our hunger level.  With God waiting is a crucial part of both stirring and satiating our holy hunger.

When we learn to wait well – not grasping for what isn’t ours or clutching to the past – our faith grows, and our ability to hear from God becomes more fine-tuned.  In the silence, we sometimes discover that God is answering with himself.

…when we embrace God’s silence as a different facet of his voice, then we’re in a better spiritual posture to recognize what the Lord is saying.

Remain patient and expectant…

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  1. I feel like I spend a lot of time waiting on the Lord, and have learned to relish it. Now I can add a most delightful new phrase to the process, “Embrace God’s silence as a different facet of His voice”. Lovely. Thank you, Rachelle.

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