Just Grace

Just Grace

I had a wonderful week at Euro InTent and I’m thankful to have a moment to share with you just a few things that I am thankful for in the midst of a busy travel schedule.

  • I’m so thankful that we can come before the throne of grace
  • I’m thankful that He hears our prayers and delights to speak into our lives
  • I’m thankful that the Spirit is poured out in our hearts and our lives with the same power that raised Christ from the dead!
  • I’m thankful that when engage in intercession for others, God speaks to us as well and that we never leave the presence of the Lord unchanged
  • I’m thankful for our identity in Christ, that we are chosen and dearly loved
  • I’m O So Thankful for grace

Just Grace by Mike Rayson

5 thoughts on “Just Grace

  1. Yes- the power of the Holy Spirit that raised Christ from the dead- alive and active in me! Such a gift! Blessings to you from Uganda!

  2. Hi Rachelle… Amazing what you find when you, erm, google yourself. Blessings on the journey… for it’s only by grace, that Jesus has saved, not by the works of our hands or our best laid plans, just…. grace.


  3. Thanks Mike! Your song really spoke to me when I came across it a couple of weeks ago. I stumbled onto your music listening to different versions of O For A Thousand Tongues and loved your version and your other songs as well. I’m so glad you have shared your gift of music with the world…it’s a blessing for which I am thankful!

  4. Sorry – I forgot the button link back to Ann’s blog! Be sure to stop by and see the list of everyone blogging about what they are thankful for…


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