Book Review: The Forgiven Duke

Book Review: The Forgiven Duke

Tethered by her impulsive promise to marry Lord John Lemon – the path of least resistance – Alexandria Featherstone sets off toward Iceland in search of her parents with a leaden heart. A glimpse of her guardian, the Duke of St. Easton – the path less traveled by – on Dublin’s shore still haunts her.

Will he come after her? Will he drag her back to London, quelling her mission to rescue her treasure-seeking parents, or might he decide to throw caution to the wind and choose Foy Pour Devoir: “Faith for Duty,” the St. Easton motto. The Featherstone motto Valens et Volens: “Willing and Able,” beats in her heart and thrums through her veins. She will find her parents and find their love, no matter the cost.

The powerful yet wing-clipped Duke of St. Easton has never known the challenge that has become his life since hearing his ward’s name. Alexandria Featherstone will be the life or the death of him. Only time and God’s plan will reveal just how much this man can endure for the prize of love.

My Thoughts:

I started this book, but quickly realized that I was not going to grasp the depth of the story without reading book one in the series, The Guardian Duke.  So my first recommendation is don’t try to read this as a stand alone novel – you need to know all that has come before.

After reading the first book in the Forgotten Castles series (which has a cliff hanger ending) I was all to ready to pick up The Forgiven Duke and continue the story.  I enjoyed the characters in spite of their many flaws and weaknesses.  While I kept cheering them on (and simultaneously groaning) hoping that they would make better choices, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the story.

The colorful description, the varied places they traveled and the reoccurring theme (of the varied characters almost grasping what they sought but then just missing out), kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was coming next.  This novel doesn’t release until July first and already I’m anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series.

***I received a free pre-release digital galley of this book for review in exchange for my honest opinion.***  (Click on the book cover for purchasing information at Amazon)