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Bits of This, That and Photos are Up

This has been a busy week!  The cats are glad to have me home after camp and keep following me around.  Today Gus even laid in the bathroom sink while I was trying to get ready.  I guess it is his way of saying “Don’t go anywhere!”  At least next week I’ll be coming home every night after VBS.

My pictures from English Camp are now up at Flickr.  You can view the slideshow here

Some of these photos were in the gallery that was listed on the Prayer Blog. 

In other news: I’d love to have you as a prayer partner for VBS.  If you didn’t get my Journey Update e-mail this week and would like more information for prayer please comment on this post.  AND I got notice that it appears that the Denial of Service attack is over.  Now you can go back to using my primary e-mail address.  Thanks for your patience with this.

Back from Prague…Off to camp

My teammate Janet and I had a great, but unbelievably fast round trip to Prague the last two days.  Taking Janet’s friend to the Prague airport, we made a whirlwind road-trip with a couple of hours downtown on a beautiful evening.  Here’s a picture.

After English Camp I’ll put up some more pictures on Flikr.  Our teams from the US arrive today and then we are off to camp.  Keep praying for us!  I’ll be back in touch when we return to Budapest.

Gus and Roses

I cut some more flowers from my yard and this time Gus smelled instead of ate.  Of course they were only there long enough to take a picture before being put out of his reach. 🙂

Things Cats Like

My cats have a particular fondness for flowers. Today I cut some of the flowers in my yard and barely did I have water in the vase when the cats were trying to get to them, again. Here is Finn enjoying their fragrance.

Another thing my cats like is suitcases. I had my smallest suitcase out from the Debrecen outreach and Gus and Finn have taken it upon themselves to make sure that it is good and covered with cat hair. If it isn’t one of them sleeping on it, then it’s the other.

Other things that my cats like: spiders or other bugs that they can chase and eat, hair rubber bands, pens, any type of string or ribbon, sleeping in the highest location they can find and waking me up as soon as they think the sun might be making an appearance because they are starving to death. Oh, and tuna, definitely tuna.

If you have cats, what are some of the things that your cats like?

Amazing Photography


These days all I really take time for with my camera are Point and Shoot photos. And even though I don’t have professional equipment or extensive knowledge, Landscape and Nature Photography remains one of my passions.

I recently stumbled across this site by Elizabeth Carmel and I just had to share it with you.

Now maybe I love it because so many of the pictures are of the California that I know and love (The Spring wildflowers, the Sierra Nevadas, Yosemite and Lake Tahoe).  Or maybe I just love the way she captures the wild beauty of the Southwest or the splendor of Alaska.  Whatever the reason, these photos are just plain amazing.  It’s ALMOST as good as being there.

So sit down and put in your Andrew Peterson CD so it starts with “Nothing to Say” and take a half hour to browse through her beautiful collections.  I promise, you’ll be singing along with Andrew in no time.

Visit Elizabeth’s site here.

If you are a photography enthusiast you can also visit her blog here.

And if you you are on of those people saying, “Andrew who?” well, that’s a whole other blog. Seriously…

First Rose

When I moved into this house last October I planted roses in the back yard. Today I cut the first blossom and I wanted to take a picture to share with you. While I was trying to take the picture Gus and Finn kept interrupting. Finn was politely smelling the rose, but Gus wanted to eat it (and did manage to get a bite out of one of the petals).

Now the rose is safely between the two panes of window glass where I can enjoy it without it becoming a cat snack. 🙂 

Debrecen Outreach

Thanks for praying!  We had a great outreach weekend in Debrecen.  There were over 100 of us and 90% were Hungarians!  It was great!

We broke up into teams and rotated through three locations: The City Center, The Train Station and a large park near the University. 

We used music, drama and surveys to get people’s attention. We handed out flyers about the free concert on Saturday night and the two children’s programs that we provided. Our ultimate goal was to engage people in conversations and share the Gospel.  God was so faithful and people responded!

This outreach was in partnership with the church in Debrecen and so there is built-in follow up for these new believers. There are two more outreaches planned for this year! Start praying now for the outreaches in Sopron and Szeged.

You can view pictures from the event on my Flickr site here.

View them as a slideshow here.

Pictures of Rural Hungary

From our Teambuilding Weekend

Our teambuilding retreat was located in a rural area of the Hungarian plains. The sunsets were fabulous, the changing colors of the leaves were beautiful and I even saw a shepherd with his sheep on my afternoon walk.

The retreat occurred over a holiday weekend. November 1st is All Saints day here in Hungary and the dead are remembered and honored with flowers and candles. These are a couple of pictures of a small graveyard near where we were staying.

I wondered how many of the gravestones represented people who had heard the truth that God desired a personal relationship with them. I pray that in the future this land will be filled with believers who need not fear death.

We had a good weekend of discussion, planning and fellowship. Please continue to pray for and with us about the many decisions that we have to make in regard to summer ministries for 2008. Pray that we will be a light of truth and of hope in this nation.


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