Book Review: Get Your Life Back

Book Review: Get Your Life Back

About the Book:


In Get Your Life Back, New York Times bestselling author John Eldredge provides a practical, simple, and refreshing guide to taking your life back.

By practicing a few wonder­fully simple practices—or what John calls “graces”—you can begin to recover your soul, disentangle from the tragedies of this broken world, and discover the restorative power of beauty.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you happy most of the time?
  • Do you feel deeply loved?                                            
  • Are you excited about your future? 
  • How often do you feel lighthearted?

After reading this book you will… 

  • Learn how to insert the One Minute Pause into your day
  • Begin practicing “benevolent detachment” and truly let it all go
  • Offer kindness toward yourself in the choices you make
  • Drink in the simple beauty available to you every day
  • Take realistic steps to unplug from technology overload

These simple practices and others are ready for the taking. You don’t need to abandon your life to get it back. Begin restoring your life here and now. Your soul will thank you for it.

My Thoughts:

This has certainly been a fitting book for the season. I received my review copy (and purchased an audible copy) not long before going into lockdown and I wondered if this title would be out of step with my current life, however it couldn’t have been more applicable.

This book contained a strong challenge for evaluating my choices, especially during an extended lockdown. (I’m on day 97). Taking realistic steps for technology overload was a particularly helpful chapter, as was the chapter on benevolent detachment. The chapter on getting outside felt a little sad, when I can’t necessarily put that into practice in its fullest extent at the moment, but the truth of it remains.

I’m also using the pause app, which was developed alongside this book and it has been significantly helpful.

I really have benefited from this book and enjoyed the fact that it was John who read the audio book. I would recommend it.