Book Review: The Book of Enoch for Beginners

Book Review: The Book of Enoch for Beginners

About the Book:

Embark on a journey through the Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch is a fascinating yet often misunderstood apocalyptic text. It contains unique material on fallen angels, the great flood of Genesis, the final judgment, and the prophecy of a future messiah. This guide provides you with the necessary historical framework to examine and understand it, delving into the key events and figures of its stories, from The Book of Watchers to The Epistle of Enoch.

  • An engaging introduction—Dive right in with an overview that clarifies Enoch’s non-canonical status, explains how the work was rediscovered, and breaks down its place within Judaism and Christianity.
  • All five books—This guide explores all five books of 1 Enoch, providing valuable insight into the development of early religious beliefs.
  • Thoughtful examination—Divided into easily digestible sections, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of Enoch through a combination of smart summaries, key verses, and enlightening commentary.

Demystify the Book of Enoch with this comprehensive and compelling guide.

My Thoughts:

When I was in Bible College I was given a fifteen-minute overview on the Book of Enoch which generally dismissed it as not being worth reading. Many years later I delved into The Book of the Watchers more deeply to try to understand the general knowledge and worldview of the Jews of Jesus day. I was particularly interested in how the Book of Enoch might have shaped the thinking of the apostles considering how it is referenced and quoted in the New Testament. There are all kinds of varying opinions on the work and when I saw this book available for review I thought it would be worth a read.

The author begins with the history of the book, when it was lost, how it was found and then gives an overview of how it was rejected as being part of the canon of Scripture by all but the Ethiopian church. The author also ventures to show why, even though the book isn’t itself Scripture, it is valuable for understanding the Jewish framework in viewing many theological ideas, some of which are included in the canon of Scripture. He also makes a point of illustrating how much the book is incorporated into modern ideas, entertainment and philosophy.

This text is exactly what it says, it’s a book for beginners. The book does not include the entire text of the book of Enoch, but instead pulls out key quotes. The author makes a simple and straightforward overview of the sections of the book. I was hoping for a little more depth and discussion of some of the things that are debated about the book, but again, this book is what it was advertised to be.

The book is written so that you don’t have to read it cover to cover, but can jump around through the sections. My full disclaimer is that I haven’t read all of the book. I read the sections I was most interested in. I also read through the full text of the book of Enoch alongside the chapters of this book so that I would have the full background to what the author was discussing.

If you’ve never heard of, or never engaged with the book of Enoch, but find yourself interested, then this might be a good place to start.

I received a digital copy of this book and in exchange I am giving my honest opinion in this review.