Book Review: Daughter of Arden – Exile

Book Review: Daughter of Arden – Exile

About the Book:

“I will give you three days in which to choose your fate.”

No matter which choice Maleen made, it appeared bondage was the life her father lay before her.

In this retelling of the Grimm’s tale, “Maid Maleen,” war advances on the nation of Arden. To keep Princess Maleen safe, the king gives her two options: marriage to a prince she doesn’t love or retreat in a tower protected by the work of a Stone Sage.

Hoping that her beloved Prince Melanor will come rescue her, Maleen chooses the tower. In Exile, Maleen must not only come to terms with her decision, but with her family, her country, her place in old prophecies, and, ultimately, the heart of the Mighty One.

Daughter of Arden – Exile is the first in a trilogy following Maleen’s story and the fate of Arden. Wandering and Promise will release in 2023.

My Thoughts:

This book grew on me with each page I turned. At the beginning I wasn’t sure how I felt about Maleen and her perspective on the world. There was also a prophecy that the author introduces to us that seems to hover over and intertwine with all the other elements of the story.

As the story moves forward Maleen makes her choice. Choices define outcomes and following Maleen’s “exile” her perspectives begin to shift, hope starts to rise and the Mighty One is further introduced taking on a more active role in the tale. As Maleen grew so did my investment in the story and I found the ending satisfying enough to hold in the waiting, while also rich enough to long for the next book in the series.

Exile is a book about a young woman growing into her own. Follow Maleen’s journey as she discovers what is of real value and where the heart of the kingdom is to be found.

I received a free digital copy of this book for review. I am giving you my honest opinion.