Book Review: The Spacious Path

Book Review: The Spacious Path

About the Book:

A simple invitation into a life ordered around listening and love

As we live through cycles of change and disruption, our familiar pathways crumble and we find ourselves in fragmented relationships with God, others, and our own souls. We are not the first to experience this disorientation: When Jesus offered the stunning invitation to come to him to learn how to work from a place of rest, he was talking to people weighed down by ill-fitting political, economic, and religious systems. And his life and ministry offer a glimpse of a better way.

For centuries a practice called the Rule of Life—built around rhythms of prayer, work, study, hospitality, and rest—has provided a loving pathway for anyone who desires to live out the whole gospel. More than a historic primer on an ancient practice, an aspirational overview of spiritual life, or a personal inventory focused on habits, The Spacious Path offers companionship through personal narrative, meaningful reflection, and guided prayer for readers to return to as often as needed.

Rediscover an ancient Christian practice to reorient your life around the unforced rhythms of Jesus, not by adding another ill-fitting system but by walking freely and lightly on the pathways of listening and love in the way of Jesus.

My Thoughts:

I rarely write reviews before I have finished a book, but this is one of those times. I am enjoying this book far too much to rush through it for the sake of a timely review.

I value the benefits of a rule of life and I love the author’s ability to invite you beyond the modern, negative connotations of the word “rule,” into its proper historical understanding as a motif, a pattern or a rhythm. The entire book is an invitation filled with grace and goodness.

I’ve read a number of books on spiritual practices and the idea of a rule of life. This one is, so far, the most gracious and engaging one I’ve ever read. I’d absolutely recommend it as a starting point for people who want to grow and thrive in their spiritual life, but don’t know what the path to that desire looks like. I’d also recommend it to those who have already spent years walking a path toward spiritual thriving as I’m finding it still has invitations for me to embrace.

I received a digital, pre-release copy of this book with the understanding that I’d provide my honest opinion. I’ve added A Spacious Path to my list of “purchase next” books, because I want to have a hard copy on my shelf.