Book Review: The Lost Manuscript

Book Review: The Lost Manuscript

About the Book:

A priceless manuscript could be one woman’s key to finding her missing grandmother—and to her own second chance.

“A perfect blend of Indiana Jones style adventure and heart-tugging romance!” -Tara Johnson, author of Engraved on the Heart.

It’s not just Ellora Lockwood’s home that’s being emptied as she prepares to sell—her heart seems to be empty too. Since the mysterious disappearance of her beloved Grandma June and separating from her husband, Alex, Ellora has felt adrift. Then comes an invitation from Alex to teach history at a summer program at Alnwick Castle in England. He’s even found information about the location of a medieval manuscript that was her grandmother’s obsession before she vanished.

Warily, Ellora accepts Alex’s offer. Surrounded by lush English countryside and captivating history, she pieces together clues about the manuscript’s whereabouts—and uncovers new questions. Could someone have been sabotaging her grandmother’s work? Anonymous threats lead Ellora to suspect she too may be in danger, but as she and Alex work together, she’s finding strength, new purpose and the courage to see this quest through, wherever it may lead.

My Thoughts:

When I reviewed “Bookshop of Secrets” last year I described it as “intense and layered.” As it was my first experience with Rushmeyer’s writing I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to read “The Lost Manuscript,” because intense is not the style that I’m choosing these days. The synopsis, however, proved too alluring and I decided to give it a try.

I loved it.

This book is also layered, and I suppose some may call it intense, but the relational nature of the conflicts and the historical intrigue around the mystery drew me in without making the story feel heavy. The fight to live and to love, to discover and to honor all soothed my heart in the midst of the story, so that I felt such hope for the characters as they traveled the path before them. And the story of the manuscript itself was completely engaging.

Also, being a dual citizen, I enjoyed the US-UK aspects of this story.

It was very Indiana Jones or T. Davis Bunn “Gold of Kings” style reading and I’m glad that I took a chance on it. I received a free digital copy of this book with the understanding that I would provide a review with my honest opinion.