Book Review: Christmas Forevermore

Book Review: Christmas Forevermore

About the Book:

This holiday season, fall in love with a brand-new collection of swoon-worthy novellas from four of your favorite historical romance authors. From meddling matchmakers to fortuitous fiascos, the holidays have never been more magical!

“A Family Christmas” by Sally Britton

After years abroad, Cyril Grant worries about relating to his highborn relatives at the family’s holiday celebration. But an unexpected connection with a member of the household staff opens his heart—in more ways than one.

“Christmas Forevermore” by Sarah M. Eden

In this re-imagining of the beloved Charles Dickens tale A Christmas Carol, spinster Minna Schofield is inadvertently ensnared by a local matchmaker whose meddling launches Minna on a journey of self-reflection that could lead her to unexpected love.

“Christmas at Cranfield” by Ashtyn Newbold

Though childhood friends Hannah and Samuel secretly adore one another, fate conspires to keep them apart. But after years of shared holidays and missed opportunities, this Christmas brings the hope that their stars will align.

“A Thrill of Hope” by Karen Thornell

After a devastating loss, Christmas holds little appeal for Isabel Reid. But when a snowstorm traps her in the company of a surprising traveling companion, the perpetual winter of Isabel’s heart may just begin to thaw.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this collection of novellas.

A Family Christmas was a sweet story of connection and discovering that sometimes our perspectives keep us from discovering the joy that is right before us.

Christmas Forevermore was a more sober story, with a fair amount of focus on grief and loss. I didn’t see any significant connection to “A Christmas Carol” myself – apart from the fact there were three suitors who caused Minna to think of her past, present and future, but I thought it an honest and moving narrative.

Christmas at Cranfield was one of those stories where you are expecting a happy ending and yet at every turn you wonder if the characters are doing everything in their power to prevent a satisfactory resolution to the tale. I was pleased with the way it ended.

A Thrill of Hope is another story that dives into the impact of grief and loss and insecurity and weaves a tale with a real depth of joy.

All the stories were the type of reading I’d choose for a good holiday read and I recommend the collection to you.

I received a free digital galley in exchange for my honest opinion.